Jordan Chamberlain, Costa Brava, España


I am a multi-disciplined designer living and working in Seattle, Washington. My work is focused on experience and product design, but I’ve been fortunate to work with diverse clients on a wide range of projects to shape my skill set.

As a designer my consistent goal is simple: to make work that works. That means I focus on data to inform design decisions and I strive to communicate in a clean and meaningful way.

If you’d like to talk about a project or full-time role in your company, I’d love to hear from you.

Focus areas —

Creative direction
Design management
Identity design
Experience/product design (UX)
Interface design (UI)
Front-end Web development

Select clients —

Amazon Media Group, Amazon Video, American Cancer Society, Appistry, Armani, Bacardi, Chambord, Chili’s, Chinet, Countrytime Lemonade, Diageo, Discover Card, Dove, Elsevier, Endless Mobile, Energizer, Evite, Freelancer’s Union, G.W. Medical, Glade, Gladware, GQ, Heineken, Honda, Integrated Aquaculture International, Invisalign, JC Penny, Just For Men, Korbel, Liberty Advertising, LoJack, M&M, Macy’s, Nestea, Paco Rabanne, Panera, Pepsi, Pepto Bismol, Pernod Ricard, Phillips, Pillsbury, Pottery Barn, Rent the Runway, Rosetta Stone, Sabertec, Seagrams, Seamless Web, Smirnoff, Solo Cup, Stand Up 2 Cancer, Target, Toys R Us, Verizon, Vistaprint, Walgreens, Walmart, Welch’s, Whole Foods Market, Wilde, Wrigley’s, Yoplait, Zulily


Off the clock, I like learning about new technologies and I have an obsessive relationship with cable management.

I love fine arts, getting dirty outdoors and when the luxury affords I travel. I was lucky to spend 2013 in Basel, Switzerland where I had an opportunity to explore Europe. The image above is taken from the rocky beach of Costa Brava, Spain, the bygone home of Salvador Dalí.